Substation solution

The substation solution is a comprehensive solution that provides various equipment and components for a power substation. It includes transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, surge arresters (with

counters), current and potential transformers (CT/PT), capacitor banks, busbars (with insulation), post insulators, suspension and tension insulators, lightning rods and steel structures, and grounding system  (grounding wires, grounding hardware).

1. Transformers

2. Circuit breakers

3. Disconnect switches

4. Surge arresters (with counters)

5. Current and potential transformers (CT/PT)

6. Capacitor banks

7.Busbars (with insulation)

8. Post insulators

9. Suspension and tension insulators

10. Lightning rods and steel structures

11. Grounding system (grounding wires,

grounding hardware)